mom: hey son I joined this new Mastodon thing
me: oh shit mom, I coulda helped you find a server, which one did you choose?
mom: well I liked the privacy policy on but then had the shortest ping latency so

do ya get it, my mom is actually pretty computer-savvy you chauvinist clods. also she likes to fukken blaze it

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@lolkat hell yeah check out her alt on, she decided to get both

@nolan wait so you're saying that was a real thing that happened

wow your mom is actually really cool

@nolan Thank you! Moms are not archetypes for untechnical folks. Sheesh! 😤

@b_cavello @nolan now I feel guilty about my glib response. I should have known better, your mom sounds cool.

@nolan but what does she think about you using instead of a hip 420 instance?

@nolan I hope this is true, and that you have the raddest mom.

@deadsuperhero my mom literally has a shirt that says "woke af". this is not a joke

@nolan Maybe that's Mastodon's secret sauce. Too confusing for your relatives to use and thus judge your lazy shitposts.

@nolan "that's the future liberals want"… and I love it already!

@nolan dammit, I didn't realize I could sign up for

@nolan Sounds like you have a wonderful mom! :grinning:

I am sad that neither of those instances exist.

Although is currently available for a couple of bucks, so...


I could swear I saw this toot months before I joined Mastodon. Was it quoted in some blog post about Mastodon or a news story or something?

@nolan *laughing*

I love living in this century, I do. (Being in my mid-50's, I have one to compare it to. *wink*)

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