people say Mastodon feels like the darkweb but in my day we just called this shit "the web"

@nolan I still prefix some sites with `www.`, though 99% of the time it's not required

@nolan miss those days, the excitement, the relative intimacy compared to now.

@nolan This reminds me of the old days of Freenet IRC servers, where you could know pretty much everyone on there. I kind of miss those days.

@lmorchard heh yeah I'm joking. :) although the theme is pretty dark ;)

@nolan Oh, yeah, I figured. It's just funny how unfamiliar this kind of web can be these days, though.

I've had some folks I've talked to who are app developers who are kind of mindblown to know you can just, like, buy a domain and have a web site - not often, mind you, but often enough to make me sad

@lmorchard "don't you need to ask permission from Google or Facebook to get your own dotcom?" 😜

@animeirl same, it's like my old gamefaqs message boards without all the hatefulness

@nolan there is no dark side of the web you know
Matter of fact it's all dark

@nolan i think for a lot of people the "dark web" is increasingly "things a corporation didn't tell me to go to"

@vilmibm but how will I know which exciting new products I should buy

@nolan inside of everyone's heart is a little Brand that will show them the way.

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