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Nolan @nolan

every single app on my phone: "Hey have you ENGAGED with us recently? No? Here's a notification to remind you to ENGAGE"

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Reddit: check out this funny video lol!
Crunchyroll: did you know there's yet another high school drama out? It's so kawaii!
Solitaire: hey we added new costumes for the king and queen and our new jack is FIERCE
Stopwatch/Timer: hey did you know it passed 2pm today that is a very nice number

@nolan new jack's mirrored leg less body game on FLEEK

Seriously this Stopwatch/Timer app is constantly bugging me to rate it and upgrade to Premium, it's as if I bought a bar of soap and it started screaming "LOVE MEEEEE, tell me I'm the freshest soap you ever smelled"

@nolan Next step, the soap is going to ask you to upgrade your shower else it cannot work...

@nicolasmaia It's long past time I did this. Thanks!

FWIW I wrote a simple score keeper for Android and never included any ads or even charged a nickel for it, so I do put my money where my mouth is:

The only time I ever tried putting ads in one of my apps, someone cloned it, translated it to Chinese, and changed the ad token so they could start making money off of it. Also it only earned like 5 bucks a month and made the app super ugly. After that I was like NOPE.

@nolan I was gonna bug you into adding a license and adding to F-Droid as I usually do but you already did it yay

@nicolasmaia yeah wtfpl is still one of my favorite licenses :D

@nolan inaccurate, the only nice times are 01:09 (0 +1 hour 9 minutes) and 7:30 (6 + 90 minutes)

@nolan The last time I ENGAGED with anything I ended up divorced - NO THANK YOU.

@GinnyMcQueen lol these notifications are usually my cue to uninstall the app, so that is an apt metaphor

@nolan "You haven't given us 5 stars yet. Rate 5 stars now?"

@TheRealMe I am going to start rating 1 star every time they do that

@nolan That is a great idea actually! So annoying. And the options are always "Yes" or "Remind me later".