@nolan What are your thoughts on using mastodon.social vs. your own instance for your main account? My main concern is how difficult it would be to migrate existing toots from one instance to another, should I ever need to leave .social.

@cs Meh I go back and forth between the two. I use my toot.cafe account more for admin work and helping to welcome newbies. Here I just post memes and jokes. Lots of folks follow me on both. I don't feel compelled to migrate anything over because I'm not too concerned with follower count or having a permanent public record. We'll probably disable public follower counts in toot.cafe anyway.

@nolan @cs There's probably potential for an instance that just deletes toots after x amount of days.


@simonv3 @cs Yep been considering that too, at least configurable on a per-user basis.

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