I’m not saying I was a part of a team that landed a rover or Mars or anything, but those are Shure AD2 microphones, and someone had to coordinate their frequencies, and they may have used the software I work on to do it twitter.com/NASAPersevere/stat

My summer morning pre-work rides are a thing of the past. If I wanted to buy an inexpensive, used wheels-on trainer (like from eBay), where would I start? What should I look for, what should I watch out for?

inauguration, audio 

Very glad to see that we’re back to the dual SM57 on the VIP mount rather than the gooseneck Trump needs to make his voice sound “manlier” thanks to proximity effect shure.com/en-US/products/bundl

sea shanty, bad pun 

What would ye do with a Dunkin’ trailer
What would ye do with a Dunkin’ trailer
What would ye do with a Dunkin’ trailer
Early in the mornin’

I sure feel better knowing Big Tech handles my almost-former grad school’s student email it.northwestern.edu/stucollab/

Does this mean it’s safe* to use Messages in iCloud as long as I don’t use iCloud to backup my phone? I always assumed it wasn’t support.apple.com/en-us/HT2023

* safe = e2e encrypted and Apple doesn’t have the keys

Return of the King detail: Shore decided the orc theme was in 5/4 in Fellowship, so by the time they got to ROTK they could actually sync picture to it

My phone may have dropped to 1% battery as soon as I unplugged it, but it’s lasted for 5 hours. It’s a Chanuka miracle!

We got a bunch of [states] about to turn blue. We’re breathing again, thanks a lot!


If a vote is wasted, Joe gets quite irate

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