I'm SO TIRED of cishet dude discourse patterns... Bombastic affirmations with no citations, appeal to authority/tradition/popularity.

it's shitty. they talk serious problems as if it's a game, a simulation. it's disconnected.

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@nonlinear It's really bad and clutters up the ability to learn anything significant

@nonlinear they are usually pretty poorly read but Very confident.

@Cyborgneticz yesss.

We have a rule on our study circle “if you didn’t read the assignment, make space for those who do”

Fuckers are uneducated, take the mic, riff and feel SMART when they just took space from more knowledgeable ones. It’s a disease.

@nonlinear I'm glad y'all enforce that cause dear God it is so bad when they hijack shit.

It is like when a student hasn't read, but wants to pretend that they have and then talk a Lot but show that they have no idea about what is happening while doing it. Bad move. Be quiet n listen.

@Cyborgneticz yeah. In the nes both ignorant and experts use same narrative, and that’s a problem.

Because if it were just pattern of ignorants, it would be easier to block.

@Cyborgneticz they gotta understand they have a discursive style, and that it can be alienating, unproductive.

I’ll show them.

@nonlinear I feel that "disconnected" is a key word here. Being privileged disconnects you from other human beings. And that is not a good thing for you.

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