5 friends already scheduled talks. this is good.

it goes straight to our calendar, nice.


maybe in the future i'll add some suggested topics for them to pick. a conversation starter.

@nonlinear I use calendly for work and absolutely love it. It takes away the back and forth of scheduling meetings and helps group our meetings in the afternoon (sócia has kids and I am not good with mornings).

@maffalda yeah, I guess the thing is to jump to casual non work situations.

Some people get offended with events, etc. they want things to be “organic”, whatever it means.

Shit is very error prone and stressful.


@maffalda I used to have a partner who refused to plan anything on non work life, because he hated his job so much.

Of course I broke up with him. I was stuck in an eternal now with him. Super stressful.

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