arguments to use against ecofascists.

fuck "humans are the virus". fuck "overpopulation".

ecofascists, like all fascists, are bootlickers. they are for whoever is in power.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the corporateState to admit the energy reserves are just getting a bit low.

We think they are delaying saying this so they can still burn fuel like its going out of fashion. If people knew then they would tell the extremely wealthy to get in a train and be happy.

Hi @nonlinear, Thanks for your posts and the like.

Just noticed that you wrote, "fuck overpopulation".

There is an unfortunate intersectionality between population, consumption and extractive technologies, its represented by an equation called IPAT:

Impact = Population × Affluence (aka consumption) × Technologies (Extractive)

We will admit that the west have been awfully persuasive in indoctrinating (using soft power, Hollywood) or forcefully exporting their extractive and exploitative…1/2

2/3… forcefully exporting their extractive and exploitative model throughout the world. 200/250 wars over the past 70 years were started or instigated by the west. This adventurism and empire building, in turn, has population a bigger issue than it would generally be without such cultural and forceful interventions.



At the same time, it must be admitted that population pressures have created famine, pestilence and wars in the past. So even without the west's consumptionism and individualism, we may've still inherited issues, but in a few hundred years, not today.

Club of Rome – if only we listened.

So a nuanced approach here is needed. This means…3/4

4/4… This means education for women and girls, family planning, and contraception are as important today as ever. Funny how Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran etc were doing this in the 70s and 80s while someone was giving arms to the extremist religious zealots. *wink*

Have you heard of #AbbyMartin of Telesur? Her EmpireFiles podcasts are so important.

In (2), rather:
"This *indoctrination* and colonialism *has*, in turn, *made* population…"

@dsfgs when i say fuck overpopulation, is because its used only against brown populations, namely africa or asia. when they are not the ones doing most of the polluting.

@dsfgs yes we need nuanced discussions, but a lot of what's out there are crypto-ecofascist ones, with the western world trying to offset their blame.

Are you able to summarise? Our #Cloudflare-blocker is blocking this site.

That being said, our experience is that the vast majority have genuine concerns. The #corporateMedia will #signalBoost the 3% of crazies.

In #Australia for example they signalBoosted #PaulineHanson. Then those 3% aussies called their bluff and she became a #celebrity. Eventually she sort of came to her senses, but far too late.

The #CorporateState enjoy dividing people with strawmen - and women it seems.

@nonlinear Jack Forbes, the indigenous author of Columbus and Other Cannibals, has written at length about how civilisation overpopulates the land. Obvs he's not an ecofascist.
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