Amazon buys Roomba

Roomba maps your home and shares it with pentagon

Ring shares video with cops

Alexa listens to you and...

@nonlinear yes I was suspicous when my vaccuum robot wanted internet access. Didn't let her anyway.

@Corina @nonlinear
VR - I need internet access!

A - What for?

VR - Eehm... vacuum forums?

@nonlinear And they will call it Roomba Prime. Cue transformers theme song.

@nonlinear It's okay, they won't do anything bad with that information

@sullybiker @nonlinear They won't with ours: we have no robot vacuum, no smart doorbell, no smart speaker, no smart thermostat or lightbulbs, no smart kitchen or laundry appliances, and no plans to get any of them. That means no one can remotely turn anything off as a way of forcing an upgrade, and we're not left with expensive gadgets connected to the Internet without security updates.

@markusl @sullybiker you are under the impression systemic problems can be solved individually.

@nonlinear @sullybiker You are under the impression that you're a mind-reader.

No, my point is simply that most people don't need these smart gadgets and can live perfectly well without them. Refusing to buy exploitative products is better than buying them and wishing they were more benign.

Some people, such as the disabled and infirm, do need products like these. To them, we owe so much better.

@nonlinear This is why I stuck with the 500 series

Well that and there's loads of parts for them cheap

And they're like $30 on craigslist

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