@blindcoder @nonlinear If you scan the QR code, follow the link, navigate to the Twitter of the person, you could find the following thread which should be the source: twitter.com/DanHollick/status/1570040185500626947

@nonlinear Coarse image description: A visual representation with colors of which parts of a QR code have which function in its processing.

@nonlinear this really doesn't explain anything if i'm being honest

@nonlinear @humanetech
I think I like to take "explained" here as a kind of tongue in cheek absurdist minimilism. Obviosly explaining the philosophy, intention and consequence of QR codes would require a book. 😁

@nonlinear One day I swear I will be able to read these comfortably.

@nonlinear It's interesting that there's essentially a 1:1 ratio of data vs. error correction for parity. Makes sense I guess but I was totally unaware that the encoding was so inefficient.

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