Love is a verb

Personally I avoid the word coz without respect, there’s no love. But some claim to love you, while disrespecting you.

I prefer care. Taking care of someone, pouring your attention at.

I wouldn’t say I love strangers. But caring is not hard.

I love and miss my brother a lot. We’re here to break the cycle.

Let’s hope global vaccine rollout blesses all of us.

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It’s a come for the anime or come for Bell Hooks thing, and you win either way. It’s a great analysis.

I’m adding the keypoints coz I’m nice.

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Dems are no left. In fact Dems exhaust (meager) leftist resources.

Anyone who conflates liberals with left with socialists is stuck in a Manichaeist loop, and has nothing to offer to the discourse.

The original zombie (and vampire) narrative is about slavery.

A destiny so worse than that, that needed to be explained as a continuous death.

David Grabber definition of flesh-debt reminds me of Shiki.

In shiki, a vampire claims a village trying to create a sustainable vampire society. It fails.

I’m currently teaching my mom (signal user for years) how to create groups for the Brazilian WhatsApp-defectors.

Brazilians are hyper-social. They... stress-test community tools. We’ll see.

Comparison between shared information about "early treatment" against COVID-19 in Brazil by Twitter.

In yellow profiles that share the truth and in black profiles that say misinformation.

We’re so fucked.

Your insistence in depicting illicit relationships as gay romance are not as woke as you believe it to be.

It's not BAD.

I take offense to the good vs bad aspects of it, but hey, that's the initial premise, and I accepted that.

On Promiscous Care

If care is to become the basis of a better society and world, we need to change our contemporary hierarchies of care in the direction of radical egalitarianism

Excerpt From
The Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence

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