indigenous peoples represent the unfinished business of decolonization


"Our cat pissed inside the rice cooker", starts the headline.

How's YOUR day going?

"The term ‘indigenous’ is problematic in that it appears to collectivize many distinct populations whose experiences under imperialism have been vastly different"


research is not an innocent or distant academic exercise but an activity that has something at stake and that occurs in a set of political and social conditions.


I guess I finally starved my Instagram feed.

By muting everyone I follow. Posts and stories.

Instead of reducing dependencies, we went pokemon with libraries: gotta catch 'em all.

This reduces digital shelf life a lot because anything that works now will NOT work in the future.

It's great job security, tho. Planned obsolescence, even?

Incompetence or malice, the game.

Supply is laced because unregulated. And unregulated because illegal.

Criminalization makes us all unsafe, you abstinence ghouls.

Penn station is a train station with absolutely no chairs

Because God forbid homeless people getting comfortable

(this is also )

Quick on the subway.

erase to intersection speeds up the process. But the inability to fill areas slows it back down.

Area fill is paramount for speed drawing. Too bad I gotta choose.

On composition

(Again, right to left. You can do it, westerners)

(Adapt to other cultures, I mean)

Blue period

Art is just food you can't chew

Blue Period

(you're meant to follow balloons right to left, but read ballons left to right. You get the hang of it)

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