If the Biden administration was the progressive bastion we're hoping for, it would be distancing itself from Rahm Emanuel.

Instead, it's embracing him.


yuppie moms who want the experience of drugs, minus the stigma, plus unprovable health claims.


I love goat cheese
Give me cookies
They gave us diarrhea

This octopus
Let's give him boots
Send him to North Korea

Oh papercut
Send paper ahhh

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Some of my close friends went on bi erasure, heteronormativity, me and my friend are getting to the bottom of it.

Slapping some faces. Dafuq.

It just dawned on me all Utena characters are Toreador vampires.

Most America First types are in fact America Second, Israel First.

@Cyborgneticz it's for the best. we have more freedom to do whatever we want. less pressure.

@Cyborgneticz i dont have many coz 3rd kid. noone cares about 3rd kid.

also we were poor, without digital cameras.

those are the ones i did as tourist, so they have a big emotional impact on me.

i can't wait to travel again.

@Cyborgneticz thanks. my mom got him scared of pics tho... he's now 11 and i'm trying to ease his trauma, ha.

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