Oh no, father figure is taking away my phallic symbol!

I must center my entire identity around this trauma.

Who named it Patriarchy and not Daddy Issues Society?

Love is a verb

Personally I avoid the word coz without respect, there’s no love. But some claim to love you, while disrespecting you.

I prefer care. Taking care of someone, pouring your attention at.

I wouldn’t say I love strangers. But caring is not hard.

Grand Central art installation made from 2600 authentic college diplomas—a combined value of $470 million—offers brutal commentary on the cost of education in the U.S.


I love and miss my brother a lot. We’re here to break the cycle.

Let’s hope global vaccine rollout blesses all of us.

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It’s a come for the anime or come for Bell Hooks thing, and you win either way. It’s a great analysis.

I’m adding the keypoints coz I’m nice.

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FLCL, Bell Hooks, and toxic relationships.


(This one my brother sent me)

The ideology of finance is a subset of right-wing thought, defined as the belief that some people are born to rule, while the rest are born to be ruled over.


With traceable payments and product subscription systems, can future us prove in court we consumed THIS product from THIS brand for THAT long and link it with any yet-to-be-discovered related illness?

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