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while I'm waiting to be accepted into mastodon . art, here's a comic I finished recently! words by Reni Eddo-Lodge from "why I'm no longer talking to white people about race" I hope the comic can make you want to read the book! (1/3) alt text available!

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[The Washington Post] Prisoners are again eligible for Pell Grants. It’s about time.

Prisoners are again eligible for Pell Grants. It’s about time.
Opinion by the Editorial Board

Syncretism is hermeticism. You establish connections so you can affect elements across bodies of knowledge.

Robert Mercer, co-founder of Cambridge Analytica, is Parler’s main investor.

Parler asks for govt IDs to unlock features. Shit is a surveillance capitalist wet dream.

Just wait till mofo is back thru emergency alerts on all devices

Cold turkey is HARD

"Twitter and Facebook and YouTube must now de-platform Trump permanently"

DTMF... BEFORE he causes more damage.

In 1997, the Clinton administration created the "1033" program, whereby the Pentagon gave away its "surplus" equipment to local law enforcement agencies, leading to the nationwide militarization of America's cops.

I swear to god if another whiny entitled liberal complains of cancel culture ever again.

Patriarchy as a a pyramid scheme: performing toxic masculinity is about the PROMISE of power not power itself (it’s a sham: there’s not enough power)

And the resentment of not getting the power promised turns into more toxicity. Entitlement.

Fuck Trump

Fuck Bolsonaro

Deplatform fascists EVERY STEP OF THE WAY

We're all antifa

I created a siri shortcut to help me with WFH: I say “Hey Siri, next meeting” and it returns “[meeting title] is in [time left until start]”

I may or may not give suggestions of what to do in this time (if 30 min, exercise; if 15, meditate or stretch; if one hour, clean or shower or read, draw) pointing to other shortcuts.

Yes, I’m ADHD. how could you know?

On Promiscous Care

If care is to become the basis of a better society and world, we need to change our contemporary hierarchies of care in the direction of radical egalitarianism

Excerpt From
The Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence

If I can websearch my books contents, then go straight to book if needed, both on computer and ipad, I'm set.

bonus points: highlights weight more

galaxy brain: siri integration

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