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Days of the week as planets (starting with Monday)


Same in anglo-Saxon and Roman languages, (except Portuguese)

Unsealed court document claims Facebook 'knew for years' that a metric was inflated and ignored an employee warning to avoid a revenue hit

Remember how many (journalism) companies crashed following those numbers

Fuck Facebook

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@nonlinear The link should have gone to ANY other video.

UberCheats was a Chrome extension that helped drivers figure out if they’d been underpaid by for Uber

If they’re not employees, they should be able to compare against other gigs

Never Gonna Give You Up but interpolated to 60fps 4K

Shit looks OCD clean

Stop carrying water for plutes, they don’t care about you.

Billionaires are a system failure. Fuck that.

I’m trying to get an internet divorce... my connection is abysmal and my roommate is on video calls all day. It’s starting to affect my work.

I just want to reduce my variables, instead of trying to inspect his usage.

His take is “ask for an upgrade” but I’m more into a divorce.

Any similar scenarios?

And then you notice the space between the wolves is a wolf too

Y'all flirting with accelerationism, but I guess Utena innoculated me from it early age.

Step aside and let queers tell new stories. Fuck your absolute destiny apocalypse.

You see freedoms an idea that can not be measured

Am I getting through to what I thought was treasured

Dayum, CLAMP started writing doujinshi for Saint Seya.

Doujinshi are zines, slash-fiction.

Saint Seya, or Cavaleiros do Zodíaco, is BIG in Latin America. Androgynous god-like fighters on kids TV. Ask anyone.

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