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ghost story cut short: "like and follow for part two"

dude is already separating emergent properties in families, dimensionally. go, DeLanda.

one judge refused to resign, died under a one-term president and now half of a country is fucked.

maybe supreme court is a bad thing.

designer created font based on father's handwriting, to use it on his funeral.

yes you can download it for free. he asks you to donate to Parkinsons UK in his father's memory.

State conservatives are refusing to hand out $41.3b in order to create a decades-long cycle of public liabilities that will easily cost a hundred times that amount, and they're not just hurting poor people – they're euthanizing a whole shit-ton of rentiers!

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"conservative business acumen" is a set of culture-war performances rather than any kind of meaningful attention to profit and loss.

Terra arrasada: esta é a expressão que vem à mente quando se pensa no Brasil dos últimos anos. Tudo aquilo que, com esforço, fora construído a partir do final da ditadura militar, em termos de democracia e de promoção da justiça social, foi destruído em pouco tempo.

A ofensiva da direita, o golpe de 2016 e a eleição de Jair Bolsonaro em 2018 produziram um revés que poucos seriam capazes de prever ou mesmo de imaginar.

É um retrocesso que ocorre em múltiplas dimensões.

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a capacidade da sociedade brasileira de ser dona de seu destino foi novamente corrompida por uma associação de entreguistas

mechanism-independence: if processes as different in detail as a convection cell and a chemical clock can exhibit the same behavior perhaps mathematical equations can also.

I remember a drink and draw that had ZERO models. like, you draw from your imagination.

this meeting could have been an email.

my ex-roommate lived on cartoon physics, I swear.

I started Philosophy and Simulation: the emergence of synthetic reason by Manuel DeLanda

simulating substrate's possibility space to detect emergent properties

baby boomers' homes have hugely inflated values, but they're being liquidated to pay for eldercare, medical debt, and their kids' and grandkids' usurious student loans and otherwise unattainable down-payments.

The market was constructed by, and parasitic on, that structure of laws.

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