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ddi I tell you how much I LOVE vitalic? he's one of those you listen first with a bunch of others, but becomes better and better as time goes by.

Nihilism makes you miserable and ineffective. It erodes our societies’ ability to improve lives and tackle urgent problems.

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Once again, in light of the protonmail revelations, it’s not private unless you run it yourself.

words that should have echo when we say it (a list) :
- bass
- future
- time
- disappeared

Revisiting: Theory of the E-book

they better point out how Amazon DRM prevented innovative interfaces from ever existing.

it's unfair to blame digital only.

New York State of Abolition

(30% of gofundme campaigns are for medical expenses. 2/3 of bankrupcies in America are due to medical bills)

scientific models take advantage of the decomposability of reality made possible by emergent properties

people wondering if they're social or asocial without taking setting into consideration is bonkers

not all social settings are the same, damn

fib-bank -- used to defraud brazilians by selling fictional vaccines -- has been hacked and it now has an anti-bolsonaro manifesto. in english.

I'm not gonna do it girl, I'm just thinking about it

(buys yet another domain)

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