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Something something fire at bossa nova Civic club.

It was in the building, 3rd floor, contained already. No humans died, but a dog.

Is it possible to turn an Instagram profile feed into an RSS feed?

Reliably? Without an Instagram account?

I'm talking about the open profiles, of course. It's not about bypassing user permissions.

"calls for explainability fall short and should be replaced by regulatory approaches that drive contestable design

"contestability fosters engagement rather than passivity, questioning rather than acquiescence"

Fascism feeds off a narrative of supposed national humiliation by internal enemies, defending a fictional glorious and virtuous national past

in time: Biden backed a 2005 bill that stripped students of bankruptcy protections and left millions in financial stress

It was Biden. And he has the absolute power to redeem himself, and won't.

I didn't even grew up here and I'm FUMING at the generational cruelty that boomers inflicted on millenials.

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this post details the absolute FUCKERY of adults conditioning teenagers to take ABSURD loans that can never be repaid for the chance of a stable future.

EVERYONE who promoted it should be ASHAMED. It's America eating their young.

Neuroception: the capacity to evaluate relative danger and safety in one’s environment

That's subperception, what microdosing aims for

"Our culture teaches us to focus on personal uniqueness, but at a deeper level we barely exist as individual organisms"

We're hardwired for socialization. When alone, we hallucinate people.

We were never individuals. We complete ourselves in others.

Nostrand, Bergen, Stuyvesant: Exposing the Slavers of New York

How on earth we honor them in street names baffles me.

@gabek this is the article I use for argument. A good concept helps users (mental model) and developers (smaller codebase)

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