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Meanwhile, in Rio, my brother's cat, foguetinho (little rocket) is lost.

He's putting up wanted posters with a QR code that points to this video:

Foguetinho is adorablest and I hope she's ok.

Greeks smoke indoors. Ew.

(Not many, in fact. But still)

Now Google believes I know greek because I'm in Greece.

I dunno how to switch back. Funny story if I have to navigate Greek settings.

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I'm in Greece and Google decided to update terms and conditions (I guess) to work... In Greek.

I dunno Greek. Why assume I know the language just because I'm visiting an area?

Also... GOOGLE?

So a (quick) ex returned, apologized for his behavior. I'm kinda quarantining him, as friends. But he's a great lay.

Now this song is in my head.

The Captive Maternal is the emotional labor expropriated by the State

From a Brazilian black liberation group. With legends in pt.

America HATES public bathrooms.

Bodly discharges? Who are you, a communist?

Amazon, California and what happened with America's antitrust tradition

(It was Reagan. Rest in piss)

Remember scriptographer, an amazing illustrator plugin that Adobe hanged to dry.

Creativity on closed platforms is eventually squashed by bitter, out-of-touch bureaucrats.

Starting open source is slower but you can make a difference in the long run.

Digital corporate has a short shelf life.

"I'm not here to make friends"
(Faces the camera)
"I'm here to be America's Next Top Model"

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assertion: it is helpful for you to have a wider reach of people with which to share ideas with

secondary: assuming entitlement to someone else's attention is the way to deter them from caring about what you have to say

hypothesis: the standard mode of operation of social media, where it is assumed that the optimal configuration is for everyone to be able to reach everyone else is an inherently flawed social model, and actively harmful to both individuals and communities.

You don't have to wait for AIs to live in a world:

- dominated by immortal, remorseless colony organisms
- that view us as inconvenient gut-flora and
- want to take over the world and turn us all into paperclips

Corporations fit the bill very well

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