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Taxing the rich is the compromise. It's the bare minimum.

company demands attendance records, report cards, and disciplinary records for five of the murdered children of Sandy Hook

First assassination, then character assassination

Aggrieved entitlement is an existential reaction to the fear of losing something that one feels exclusively belongs to them or to the group that they belong to or identifies with.

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Donald Rumsfeld a day before 9-11

"we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions"

my brother back in Rio is finally double-vaccinated (Astra zeneca, Pfizer).

All is right in the world.

allyship in the media:
- the home
- the partner
- the savior

the focus is on race but easily translatable to others.

(hint: allyship starts with decentering yourself)

Seven lies, multiplied by seven, multiplied by seven again

By claiming God as his only rock
He's stealing a God from the Israelite
Stealing a God from a Muslim, too

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