TFW you have been staring at code that does math you don't understand for so long that you can't tell if the unfamiliar words are typos or just jargon you don't know. WTF "transnormation matrix".

Be the civilisation-threatening AI you wish to see in the world

If most of the people who don't need to be on facebook weren't, most of the people who now need to be on facebook wouldn't.

Those who would limit their empathy to a tribe reveal that they don't identify as *minds*, but as some inert *thing*, some race, some tradition, some attribute.

Buying a duplicate tea mug+infuser for my desk at work is possibly my most successful lifehack ever. Now I can pipeline my mug cleanliness lifecycle!

Seasonal milestone: First day weather was nice enough to do my daily meditation practice on the roofdeck.

I could never be an ascetic.

There are things more inspiring than watching a new, junior co-worker find his footing and suddenly turn out to be an absolute superstar.

But not many, and none of them in the office.

Liamosaurs patented decision tree for whether you need to buy a $BIG_MONEY magical 0day protection service from $BIG_VENDOR...

Q: Can you put your hand on your heart and say "no technology stack my company uses contains publically known vulnerabilities"?

If the answer is "no", you should just work harder on patching your shit instead

If the answer is "yes", you should work on better understanding the software you use, because you're a liar

Thus punching a police dog is assaulting a police officer, whereas punching a police robot is vandalism.

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TIL: (in the US) Animals can be legally regarded as police officers, but robots cannot.

Hm, I wonder if I can get a little desktop black flag for my office for the next time someone tries to tell me that they want me on a military project so I can wave it in their face while I tell them to fuck off.

Although on the other hand this proposal is so awfully written that arguably I would do more damage to the warfare state by helping them to more quickly and efficiently leap off the inevitable cliff of their own lack of judgment and competence.

Spoilers for _Arrival_ 

Saw _Arrival_ last night (which was dumb -- super triggery for us -- but worth it).

Struck that it is essentially a Nietzschean version of _Contact_ -- Eternal recurrence (rather than a meet-dead-people heavenly afterlife); the world upended by one person's ecstatic experience (rather than by direct intervention of higher Father-beings); transcendence as both tragedy and as joyful refusal to compromise with tragedy (rather than as "were they crazy all along?" gaslighting).

My "Umbrella Man Theory of History" (based on ):

* There are more far arbitrary explanations than reasonable ones;
* for weird events there is no reason to prefer reasonable explanations over arbitrary ones.
* History is full of weird events,
* so mostly history is the effect of arbitrary, meaningless causes. is an umbrella-man story.

Each endpoint of this API refers to the _other_ endpoint as "vehicle". "SMH" stands for "So Much Hate," right?

Well, the Internet Archive has surpassed itself: full in-browser emulation of the early Apple Macintosh has been made-available.

It is a work of love, beauty and, quite frankly, skill.

The Internet Archive are really making an effort to preserve our IT history.

This morning at work: Someone makes an error that demands a counterexample of a shape with rotational but not reflective symmetry; the entire room is silent as everyone tries to come up with an example that isn't the swastika.

This afternoon on work slack: Everyone lists the three dozen other examples they thought of immediately upon leaving the meeting.

Although the code is for humanoid rigid-body dynamics, which I guess is sort of porny even before you start optimizing splines up your inverse kinematics.

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"A desired stationary Cartesian spline is set up for the body" this code says, and yet it is not porn. Well, math porn maybe.

"If you are not able to recognize fascism even when it comes wrapped in fascist tattoos and calls itself an “American fascist” then you are worse than useless. If you are not capable of defeating even one individual fascist, how do you expect to defeat an entire state’s worth? How do you expect anyone to believe you when you state an intention to end political authoritarianism?"

omg :heart:


... and already the kiddo wants to negotiate up from solo MBTA bus to solo subway trips.

It's classic kid logic: Annoyingly reasonable but slightly sooner than you're prepared for.

"Maybe next month" I say, knowing that we are already going to give in in like a week, max. The kid has her own T pass now; she owns the world and she knows it.

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