@anarcat A few comments regarding your article from the Debian Calibre maintainer: First of all, Calibre is **not** removed from Debian, this is still far off. Secondly, you **can** run it already with P3, and it works! The problem is with third-party plugins that expect running on P2. Calibre will switch sooner or later, Kovid is well aware of it.

So please, although I agree with many things you mentioned on your blog, please don't spread FUD and wrong information. Thanks.

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@norbu i just bit the bullet and converted all my packages to py3 already. the ones that are left are the ones for which *I* am the upstream and I basically need either to rewrite or port, so it will take more time, and it might mean those packages don't make it to bullseye.

@norbu i'll correct the post right away but to be honest, in terms of FUD, you did your part in titling your blog post "RIP (for now) Calibre in Debian" :p i kind of followed your lead on that and while it seems i might have misunderstood, you did say "Calibre >= 4.0 will for the foreseeable future not be available in Debian", "this will be the last version of Calibre in Debian" and "I recommend switching to the upstream installer". that kind of turned me off :p

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