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hey if you want to see federated timeline not be as shitty come join me on my instance that i made now

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I guess I'll do a little introduction for the new tooters (esp since I never did one in the first place...)

Hi im Rick

I'm gay male nb/demimale/dude guy but not man

I post stupid shit most days and I have a website which has nothing on it at the moment you should check it out

Fuck capitalism

I know some tech stuff but don't ask me about it or I'll go on tangents for hours and day and years




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hey just fyi

durarara is a fucking amazing series

go watch and/or read it right the HECK now

its amazing seriously


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Synonyms of: Rick
❌ Richard
❌ Ricardo
❌ Ricky

✔️ Ricktopher
✔️ Rickolas

Hey @Gargron did something happen that I didn't hear about? Haven't been here in a while so idk but seems concerning to say the least?

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So I go here to use this account and it turns out someone had managed to get in

I haven't used this password anywhere else, so it wasn't because of a breach elsewhere...

Uhhhhh what?

Right so my Internet is down for some reason, my phone barely works at all with a SIM card inserted...

Gonna just get a shower and hope the Internet comes back...

Turns out comcast did a fucky wucky with the credit card so I had to put the information back in again

Should be back up in the next 10min or so?

Aight so seems like *all* comcast services are down here, TV isn't working either

hi yes EFDN is currently having incoming federation issues at the moment please be patient while i figure out what happened

EFDN is down for a bit while my modem decides to restart after shutting down for no discernible reason.

Gotta love ISP sourced hardware

actually no its the reverse

knzk's outgoing is busted but incoming is fine

efdn's outgoing is fine but incoming is busted

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