'Becoming a professional software developer is accumulating a back-catalogue of regrets and mistakes' -- programmingisterrible.com/post

@cwebber @AceNovo @Gargron I don't really understand how any of the arguements against AP C2S don't also apply to micropub C2S. Micropub has create and delete, but ALSO update, AND it can do all kinds of 'post types' - according to the *microformats 2* vocab (which is managed on a wiki by a small community, rather than a W3C Rec like AS2) - which still may not correspond with stuff a Mastodon server would expect.
AP clearly specifies how servers should federate incoming activities [ctd]

please destroy my draft idea for improving bitcoin fungibility by helping wallets interoperate more easily:


of the 4 listed options for serializing this data, I only think the first 2 are viable right now (bip 124 is a more general solution, but is incomplete). not sure which one is preferable, due to tradeoffs made

dear lazyweb, are any of you familiar with jupyterlab and/or jupyter notebook server implementation details and willing to sanity check a hare brained plan of mine?


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