I've made massive strides on CapTP for @spritelyproject and honestly, I think this is the most important work I've done in my life. But it's hard to explain *why* when few people even know what CapTP *is*.

So: CapTP explainer 馃У, right here (with blogpost to follow):

Native segwit (bech32) (p2wpkh) (BIP84) wallets are the default in Joinmarket, as of just now, i.e. it is in master branch. Release soon.

This means that if you start the software today you will create those wallets and use the joinmarket bot pit for those wallets and create coinjoins with them, by default; you can set `native=false` in the config if you want, however. See docs/ directory for details.

Please publicize this where you can for users' plausible deniability when starting new bots.

Some thoughts about estimating anon set sizes in CoinJoins, I would welcome any inputs, especially critical ones =)


Wow, this is kind of awful.
It seems that in the modern world, if you run *any* business, not just a bank, you are an arm of law enforcement.

Thinking about using fountain codes to improve WabiSabi coordination privacy, would appreciate feedback


rough sketch of WabiSabi credential bootstrap and unified registration requests including proofs (see CredentialTests.cs or last commit):


What would you estimate is the size of the market for transaction surveillance? My best guess is on the order of $10M-100M, leaning towards tens, based on recollections of investment in companies.

Relatedly, do you know of any chain analysis companies that deal only with Bitcoin?

we did a thing:


i ramble at length about wabisabi and bitcoin privacy more generally, and slightly misrepresent some important research because my memory is unreliable^W^W^W^W^Wto confuse surveillance capitalists ;-)

Design for a CoinSwap Implementation for Massively Improving Bitcoin Privacy and Fungibility


Alice sends tx A->B but the coins actually end up in Z. Then when normie Carol sends a tx an analyst must deal with possibility that Carol's coins disappeared too

Good news: the sale of the .org domain to Ethos Capital, the private equity firm that was supposed to buy it, has been rejected!

I wrote what I hope is an intuitive explanation of how keyed-verification anonymous credentials can be used to build CoinJoin transactions, sharing here for feedback before publishing it more widely


/via friendica.obscuritus.ca/displa鈥 @silverwizard

鈾 @itsahashtaglife@twitter.com: A tale of two fires that nails where we鈥檙e at right now. We can raise a billion dollars to rebuild a tourist attraction but we can鈥檛 take care of human beings who need help.

PRIORITIES people. Maybe it鈥檚 time to re-evaluate ours.



'Becoming a professional software developer is accumulating a back-catalogue of regrets and mistakes' -- programmingisterrible.com/post

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