@cwebber I prefer the (simpler) `woof` for transfers across a trusted internal network, but Magic Wormhole seems to be well-implemented in general for the more complex cases.

Haven't checked to see if you can run your own intermediate/proxy, if so that would be excellent.

@nothingmuch @jim @cwebber it's a good bit of kit indeed.

But... It was possible to DOS attack it, at least last time I checked several years ago.

@joeyh @nothingmuch @jim the SPAKE server is the DOS'able part I assume?

Did you discover this "in production" with the git-annex support, I'm guessing?

@cwebber @nothingmuch @jim no, by inspecting the protocol. Known issue, not really fixable IIRC

@cwebber @nothingmuch @jim github.com/warner/magic-wormho

closed but only by documentation, unless they later also increased the number of channels?

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