Playing Guilty Gear! Gonna talk about Evo game announcements and recap some of my Tension Pulse matches today, then open up a netplay lobby. New players welcome!


I am still mostly raging in my head about Kavanaugh.

Gonna convince Danny to come here and it'll be because of fat Yoshi's fucking island :fatyoshi: :fatyoshi: :fatyoshi: :fatyoshi:

Is it more acceptable to be horny on main over here

Right now, that question is with "sou wa iku ka" which comes up often enough, but I feel like lazily using "Like I'd let you!" is not a great use every single time.

But I think the literal translation there... is like... "were you going this way?" But the way it's pronounced, it's most definitely NOT a question.

Japanese is difficult!

I am often changing some weird Japanese expression's literal meaning to something that is more apt for an English speaker. Sometimes I also have to change an idiom the translator chose to something that might be more appropriate.

One of the things about fansubbing that I am enjoying is that it lets me learn what the meanings of a lot of things I'm editing are, because I sometimes check the translation to see if there's some better way to translate something that's easier to understand for English-speaking audiences.

Editing the Captain Tsubasa fansub for episode 23, and I'm really trying to contain myself from just getting all up in my inside jokes and memes.

There're so many opportunities to do it...

@chest_bot give flat black werewolf suit to


@nothingxs The chest dematerializes after you unlock it revealing its contents:
🔹 Rare Armor:
Cursed, Lithuanian, flat black werewolf suit 🛡

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