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incentivising watching advertisements makes me pretty close to feeling legitimately sick.

the distribution of distances between a set of points is definitely not something I'd think to look at or work with. pretty clever I guess

honestly just makes more sense to pirate it. good job Bethesda.

actually half tempted to get FO4 while it's half off but I'm really not fond of the idea of fighting against the creation club updates just to keep decent working mods

it always makes me nervous when I write a reply that gets RTs outside of my circle.. but also cool that random people seem to care about what I say

hm i guess i should just do it manually next time

RT @ternus: What's the story behind the favicon?

i really should start boosting things instead of just faving them all the time

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I ought to make a bot that just randomly selects some RD parameters and posts the screen after a couple minutes of simulation

it's time for d-d-d-d-d-d-downtime

I want a thicker phone.

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I'll drink tea at any temperature. doesn't bother me.

waking up today's security news like