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hello, i've moved to you should be receiving a follow shortly~ is down so i'm here for a bit i guess

hello, i've moved to you should be receiving a follow shortly~

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also this is fashion-mnist if it matters (not really at this point)

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ad-hoc optimizer i'm toying with. convergence is poor, but it works as a proof of concept (mloss is accuracy%)

i've been on masto longer than i thought i had. finding your own toots is kinda hard

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it's been 

thirteen seconds since you all last said
I've become the apparition, you predicted for my death

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I just had the most meaningless dream wherein quora spent a million dollars to make a 30 second TV ad in which a kid finds out "the 5 is in the Q" in their logo and they made that their slogan

ncix is an interesting site
"In Stock"
"Available for Drop Ship"
"This item '$id' cannot be added to your cart, This product is not available!"
make up your mind?!

looks like there's a desync in certain parts of the halo 3 co-op campaign when one player is playing on a 360 and another is on xbone. it'd be interesting to know the technical details, but who knows if we'll ever hear about this from MS or see a fix...

also I really need to go through and whatever stuff I bought in those packs sometime. probably moreso than I need to go through my steam games

on a lighter note... that one person's rant about oldschool UIs makes me wanna try writing some sort of utility using those designs. just an idea for now

the android youtube app is so bad it pretty much punishes you for tabbing out to another app for more than a minute. it gives you an error when you come back, and AFAIK you can't just refresh, so you have to find a link to the video *you are currently trying to watch* just to restart it.

optimizer rambling 

ok I think Gray code ES is kinda cheating with test functions with minima on a grid like Rastrigin, because the mutations tend to only move one dimension at a time. it would be more difficult if the minima weren't so evenly spaced. then again, maybe this goes for gaussian noise mutations too though, I dunno, it just doesn't seem right to me. nonetheless, it still performs relatively well. I kinda wanna try it on a stochastic problem next; I feel like its greediness will fail.

*plugs the same mouse i've been using for years into a different USB port*
Windows: Installing device driver...
me: gee thanks

(i'll have to learn how to use contour lines sometime)

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and now i have too many tabs open again so i gotta go deal with that

matplotlib is such a mess. i'm pretty much always googling how to do anything unless it's something i've done before that i can find the code for. the API docs are a cruel joke too.

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