@noumenapress I realised the situation of abridged once, and yet over a hundred years and still, various works of Dumas, (when I last looked- either abridged or not even in English). I started to think is there an orthodoxy among the translators and scholars of the European classicals. Also in medieval lit a similar thing as well. One wonders under what choices and decisions do they operate? I've noticed it in scholars on Indian literatures, whether spiritual, occult, religious or other, they tend to leave out things, some things for a long time and one wonders why.

@noumenapress Finally, when i last looked, although as time rolls so fast for me was probably over five years ago, although seems like last year, there was nothing. I thought it so strange. How so many books on Tarot and yet the very first, still a mystery. Took a long time to come out. You'd have thought it would have been a priority of eighties new age tarot savants revivalists and the plethora of workshops, new cards and books, but no. But finally! And the cards too. Better late than never.

@noumenapress I like your focus. One thing Ive also noticed is the occult element in fiction, and art movements, it too has been downplayed or overlooked and people just starting the acknowledge. Dumas was a Freemason, Balzac too, many on the list of names inspired by Scopenhauer too. The Surrealists also, many into mystical fringe freemasonry, rosicrucians, esoteric stuff. Gary Lachman, who was bassist for band Blondie covers and touches on this need to redress the leaving out of the occult in the works of lit and the artists.

@noumenapress Thanks. Its surely the way to go and your doing well! Id say Amazon hardest for me too, plenty of books there lined up I cant find elsewhere. I use Brave and Quant as browser, sometimes DuckDuckGo, but often find their search engines leave a lot out which I find on Google, unfortunately. FB more difficult as people i know seem to only go there, although feel like I've been 'shadow banned' there. Twitter, I've made a bunch of lists of tech activists and news which I find useful, but i follow and follow and no one follows me back and i get no response mainly to posts, like I've been 'shadow banned' there too! Microsoft, what can I say, so many docs and operating system i tied up in. Unhappy! A difficult road ahead for me. I didn't know about fediverse till last couple of weeks!


Now and then we catch a glimpse of these tech corps being either irresponsible deliberately or other and usually covering their tracks, and now and then something emerges they cant ignore, they come out with insincere apology. Considering they have the power to make or to break, to make visible and invisible, to goad publics into certain directions through what they allow and don't allow, and seeing how, well in FB's case, they are biased towards conservatives and the far-right and also how they are privacy invasive, i find it all rather worrying. Yet still, now and then, i have to use their platforms for various reasons, like how i have to use electricity even though i don't like how the way it is produced is destroying the environment. Its why I am here in the Fediverse.

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