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Nox Arivis @noxarivis


What are your thoughts on ?
(An federated communication protocol)

What is your recommend way of secure communication?


Do you know of the Godot game engine?
What are your thoughts on that?
Could it replace Unity?

(Not sure if you even care about Linux gaming, so answering this is not necessary)

Have you tested yet ?
It's a "new" chat system, federated like Mastodon.

Thought it might interest you :)

(I love all of your stuff btw)

Some users are angry because the unchangeable blocklists. I think it's good to have them but they should not be applied by force. If a user really wants to connect to someone but can't because if that "artificial wall" , I and some others decline it as heavily censored.

Please respond and I hope we can find a compromise

I think the user should decide the experience

What's about the blocklists in Mastodon?

I'm usually ok without answers but im really curious

We try to connect riot with Telegram

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Also Telegram itself says that they are not open source