Why the fuck not at the point? This is already the legal precedent for suing for racial discrimination in criminal justice, from LEO encounters to prosecution, jury selection, sentencing, prison, probation..

Or how about we don't do this ANYWHERE. apple.news/AHtO61nw4SruY3czynq

Last weekend day in Dublin. I don't much care for this anxiety inducing pressure of "I better not waste it! I have to do something really cool today or I'm wasting opportunities!"

weh. I think I'm ready to be home now

hm GLOW is actually kinda fun. Staying in tonight to watch that

I hope the ACA survives as a stopgap, but no matter what the ultimate goal needs to be or a similar federal, public, single-payer system.

[poll] what do you think of me

also anyone who gets this reference gets a hug

I'm done with furry twitter callout culture so I'm not gonna name names here. just...ugh.

when confronted about this, by the way, they linked to their church's web page discussing how their official stance was against same-sex marriage and same-sex sexual activity. as if that made it any less horrible.

yet I still see the fandom going crazy about the art.

an extremely popular furry artist who a few years was found to have "I won't draw same-sex romance" responded by changing their terms to "I won't draw romance" to hide their bigotry.

just saw a romantic hetero-romantic art piece from them a month ago.

amused. frustrated. ugh.

Feeling much better this morning. Still clearing gunk out of my lungs and nose but I feel way better than I have pretty much all week.

wow I totally forgot about mastodon, sorry!!

well so much for doing outside stuff this weekend!

why is a bell being rung six times (two before the video started) at 9:44am

eat shit siri

(tho this is actually a good song)

ugh that head cold phase where everything coming out of your nose is slimy and tacky and fucking disgusting

go away please

prolly just a passing feeling, what with being sick and on cold meds and being stressed and very far from home, but I worry I don't give enough of a fuck about tech to survive long in tech

I just...don't fucking care about so much of it, so I don't bother learning vital skills.

cant be bothered by this endlessly fucking dripping nose if my entire face is wet

fucking end this cold. pretty sure I have tonsilitis already.

asshole body.

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