sounds like he's gonna wait 3 weeks to declare an emergency

makes sense, not like it's an emergency or anything

what a fucking tool

abuse me, coyote friends, so I can get some humanitarian aid from the grand old party

abuse me with your paws

abuse me with your knots

he's still on about the fucking wall hahahahahaha

predicting another shutdown in 3 weeks

I'm really fucking glad I decided not to go into air traffic control.

hahahahahaha we're all gonna die

“Trump Is Screaming. He’s So Mad at Rudy”: Giuliani’s Fate Is Uncertain After Botched Interviews - Vanity Fair

does anyone ever not think about paws

if so what the fuck why and how

I love when I forget about a band for a decade and then I'm reminded when they release a new album. This song in particular is in heavy rotation for me the past week or so

this is why DIY shit terrifies me. I mean, yay, we tried to touch up our paint? but it didn't fucking work.

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