🍪Following a first batch of complaints in May 2021, we filed the final round of "One Trust" complaints today. Despite receiving a step-by-step guide on how to be GDPR compliant, 226 websites still used deceptive designs and unlawful cookie banners:

Many of the websites that have been contacted by noyb have adapted their design to a fair "yes/no" approach, some even got rid of the banner altogether. OneTrust has also adapted the standard settings of the software to comply with the noyb complaints.

In the last round, only 24% of all violations were remedied within grace period of 60 days. Unfortunately, 80% of companies failed to fully comply and we had to file a total of 226 complaints with 18 DPAs. In the first round, 42% of all violations were remedied within 30 days

In the coming months, noyb will continue to follow its goal to get rid of deceptive cookie banners and scan, review, warn and enforce the law on thousands of websites. noyb will also extend its scope to pages that use other Consent Management Platforms

@noybeu yes please continue with your great work, we appreciate the effort and also the results.

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