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Finished Powers/House of X today. I have to say that I feel it's a fitting Origin Story. Perhaps a bit overreaching and grandiose at times, but in a way that I think fitting the X-Mythos.

‪New York: I see that your City Comic Con is now occurring. ‬

We have (impatiently) begun the 2019 Spooptacular a few days early with An Tale of Two Sisters.’

We just Joined Shudder in preparation for this year’s Halloween Spooptacular.

‪People; JIANBING are DELICIOUS! It’s like a food that was precisely engineered to suit my tastes!‬

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i forgot about mastadon v__v

on the plus side i finally finished my comic so that's something

on the minus side... actually no, finishing stuff is RAD

‪While I absolutely understand why I need to write documentation, I cannot think of another less pleasant aspect of software development. ‬

Aren't there, like, a billion other un-mined franchises that could be rebooted instead of Battlestar Galactica...

I think it's kind of a sign of mental atrophy that I regularly type '3' when I mean 'e'...

It is my duty to inform you that the Pixies have released a Horror-themed album right in time for the month of Halloween.

Look; comic book literacy is not an innate ability. It's not something that you can just automatically do because you can read prose. It is a distinct skill that you must develop. I do wish more people understood that.

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My birthday is this week, and to celebrate, I want to give all of you a present! 🎉

This week only, every #tabletop map in my Gumroad store is on sale, including the brand new "Lunar Outpost" map.
Just use code SEPTEMBER to get 10% off!


#map #ttg #hexmap #tabletopgames #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Today I discoverd that an HD Remaster of Grandia/Grandia 2 can be downloaded on the Switch... I regret that knowledge...

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Nott is the CUTEST… I adore her…

Had to drop everything to draw her newest outfit. #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #mastoart

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