Not 24hrs after I posted this, Instagram announced they were "walking back" the Tiktok derivative features.

You're welcome, everyone.

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I was disappointed by the distinct lack of PAGEANTRY in this year's X-Men Hellfire Gala. :|

While I don't blame TikTok for this; the success of TikTok has really destroyed Instagram as they scramble to turn themselves into a short video platform. Instagram really should be sticking to their niche.

I mean, it does have an owlbear in the trailer, so…

The hardest part of hanging out in a comic shop is not butting into other peoples conversations when they something that’s totally incorrect. :|

I just saw one of those pub-cycles roll by with no one on it to pedal… The illusion is now shattered for me.

The back half of my work week was spent dealing with a DDoS-like incident with one of our applications. And today I am just exhausted...

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