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Nat Quayle Nelson

It's such an emotionally mature show I can't even

The new Steven Universe episodes are hitting me so hard in the emotionballs

Here's the stuff I created this year.
Released Hate Sculpture back in February and it's still my best album.
Hopefully I can top it next year! Have a lot of ideas.

Hate Sculpture

Machine Trauma

Sun Crown

Fragile Shapes

#music #mastoaudio #mastomusic #creativetoots #vocaloid #PWYWbandcamp

In 2018 I'm donating all money received from bandcamp sales to Trans Women of Color Collective.

Today was a day of my life when I functioned as my best self. As this year comes to an end I'm becoming really focused on how best to fill next year with much more of those. ❤️

bait: an epic remake of The Shining movie Show more

Has anyone ever made a Starry Night snow globe?

Played Microscope for the fourth time in two years last night. But, considering only 1 if the previous games really turned out rewarding, it was like the second time.

It's such a brilliant game, but as far as tabletop RPGs go it's one of the most intimidating and hard to teach. Having a good game with new players is like catching lightning in a bottle.

My body is a temple Show more

Having the feature of "shake twice to turn on flashlight" makes my smartphone *almost* as useful as a flashlight

Celebrate my Twitch channel reaching 666 views by following for occasional gamedev/open-source/gaming streams:

When you hang out with someone you've known for years and suddenly it's like "I wanna make out with you really, really bad"

The adorable curse of being polyamorous

mental health + (but still a little salty) Show more

mental health + (but still a little salty) Show more

@cattsmall What do you think of all this Patreon commotion? Some people are saying it's time to switch to Liberapay, an open source alternative

None of my patrons have altered their pledges yet as a result of the shakeup but it seems to be a big problem for a lot of other people.

The campus library is like my sugar daddy, but with books. They BOUGHT THIS because I wanted it