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Nat Quayle Nelson

so anyway, remember to like comment subscribe and
*reads teleprompter*
create a communal atmosphere of mutual emotional support and openness about the inherent fragility of human life

I'm trying to raise some money to help with my transition costs and getting back into full time work - if you could help out, even by £1 or a retweet I'd be so grateful!

Proper introduction: I'm a nonbinary femme writer/programmer making narrative games out of Salt Lake City. My current project is a 5-part multimedia adventure game called Ballad of the Space Bard. You play as a shape-shifting alien with depression living on a super queer Planet U.T.A.H.

Check out the dev log:

The Joke: welcome to Mastodon, here's your fursuit and your copy of Das Kapital

Reality: welcome to Mastodon, here's your six alt fursonas, a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook, an eight-week course on the programming language of your choice, a tarot deck, some brand spanking new hormones, and a complex geometric sigil you should memorize that will turn into a neural counter-virus so that when the Singularity finally hits we can make sure The Straights don't claim it for themselves

I'm operating on the hypothesis that you don't really appreciate your possessions until you've torn/cut/smashed them into smaller pieces for a DIY project.

Literally so many coloring books lying around my dorm. I could print out page templates for the planner part, glue them in a notebook + do the same thing with coloring book pages. Booyah.

Hung up on the fact that I want a Panda Planner really badly, but I already have all of the components of one. And they're expensive.

I'm perpetually almost-dead and out of medkits in this game

The last time I can remember being as scared of a video game monster as I am of Prey's Mimics, is head crabs and head crab zombies. Those could really get to me

And I've been exhausted/needing relaxation for a while so I'm gonna let myself play more this morning while my coffee kicks in. On the stipulation that I shower first

Got really into Prey last night and now I'm too exhausted for dance class.

friendly reminder to wrap your heavily political posts inside CW tags.

some people here (including me) abandoned birdsite for the purpose of avoiding the worsening Political Discourse there for the sake of their own mental wellbeing.

seeing all of it again around on mastodon doesn't help them at all, and pretty much the reason social media slowly fatigues me

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Heh. People saying birbsite makes it seem as if speaking of Twitter is like saying Voldemort's name

I'm stressed out and I'm gonna go play Animal Crossing :tvchan:

Language is not actually the final frontier where we win the battle for justice. I live to write and tell stories but I see such a pervasive misconception in my peers that it's actually more important than anything else.

Where I depart with most postmodern focus on language and imagination, is the concept that language constructs reality. Yes it does, but not *literally.* That was just a useful metaphor but now language enthusiasts use it to justify extreme self absorption that I sometimes can't handle

When ya girl's reading radical queer fiction and it's like "yeah this is amazing and validating" but then suddenly she overloads and it's like "what the fuck? No, words need actual definitions and reality is not literally maleable to language"

15 minute daily meditations have been really good. Currently coming out the other end in a peaceful state of mind and wondering if I can carry it forward through the huge amount of work awaiting me tonight

Existence COEXISTS with essence