This is kind of the reason I never want to be full-time creative. The prevailing wisdom is literally incompatible with how I create.

It's such an emotionally mature show I can't even

The new Steven Universe episodes are hitting me so hard in the emotionballs

Today was a day of my life when I functioned as my best self. As this year comes to an end I'm becoming really focused on how best to fill next year with much more of those. ❤️

Yo I'm late to this conversation but I just gotta say, Embed With Games was such an amazing book, I was getting out of bed in the morning just so I could read more. Your work does matter. @invicticide being involved in your secret project has also been doing the same thing for me. I know it's hard to appreciate the importance of one's own work, but I really mean it.

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Has anyone ever made a Starry Night snow globe?

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The best RPG gaming of my childhood was on AIM with total strangers

I keep trying to get on witches.town during every witching hour but yesterday it was down, and today it redirected me to what seemed like the server diagnostic panel...

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Played Microscope for the fourth time in two years last night. But, considering only 1 if the previous games really turned out rewarding, it was like the second time.

It's such a brilliant game, but as far as tabletop RPGs go it's one of the most intimidating and hard to teach. Having a good game with new players is like catching lightning in a bottle.

Having the feature of "shake twice to turn on flashlight" makes my smartphone *almost* as useful as a flashlight

Celebrate my Twitch channel reaching 666 views by following for occasional gamedev/open-source/gaming streams: twitch.tv/natquayle

When you hang out with someone you've known for years and suddenly it's like "I wanna make out with you really, really bad"

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