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All right, folks, for once I don't have a bunch of emails to deal with, I'm waiting for a couple important deliveries, and I've beaten around this particular bush long enough.

The 🇵🇷 sayings thread begins now.

COVID, work 

Work just sent a “survey” with an extremely tight time limit, asking whether we wouldn’t be comfortable returning due to a small list of preexisting conditions and/or being over 65 years old.

Sure dude, 41-year-olds lose their legs and lungs to this bullshit, but the only reason I wouldn’t want to go back to a building full of gross teenage boys with no manners or hygiene.

Also, they’re the same people smugly insisting the play was written during Bush II, when even Miranda has said it didn’t get going until ‘07-‘08 and that he had exactly one song written by ‘09, so when it comes to nits to pick, at least I’ve got better aim?

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I’m actually less down on the musical itself, qua musical, than most people who criticize it from this angle; I just get increasingly tired of feeling like we’ve all given up on the idea that kids have any agency over their learning processes.

It’s a weird nit to pick, I know.

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I’ve now seen multiple people go to the mat for Hamilton because “anything that interests kids in learning more American history is good!” and:

1) it doesn’t; most of the kids I know who got obsessed, even history nerds, don’t give a shit about the history behind it;
2) even if it did, you’ll be hard-pressed to find history that doesn’t lionize the Founders;
3) I’d say this is how we got Harry Potter libs (“anything that gets kids reading!”) but the problem is: they’re the same exact people.

Sky: noo don't bring an umbrella, it's not permanent, but I keep hearing they're making people feel

It's the last game! Go watch it!

What, you need reasons? Fine, how about the fact that the #PróceresBRR and #CaciquesORO worked their asses off to celebrate the unique baseball of the 1880s :lnp:, in all of its ridiculous glory?

We’ve got everything:

- pitch counts that would horrify Dusty Baker;
- routine double-digit-pitch at-bats;
- our perennial favorite: fucking bullpens, how do they work?

Best of all, it still only barely cracks the hour mark.

Go watch it!


Realizing that Hamilton was doing a great snow job of pretending to interest people in American history while lionizing the nobility of the robe was one of my decisive breaks with liberalism.

Seeing Miranda advocate for PROMESA and then not shut the fuck up about his roots and his Latinidad as he and his dad fucked their fellow Puerto Ricans over even more was my decisive break with him not being on my “on sight” list.

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I know most of you know Lin-Manuel Miranda is garbage but if you want to know why he, his father, their cronies, and their fellow capitalists, should all get their fucking greedy fingers out of Puerto Rico, read on.

Me: Oh, it's after midnight! Death to America day is over. I wonder what day it is now?
Me, checking a calendar: would you look at that, it's death to America day!

@dankwraith this is one of the few times where I've only looked at someone's username after replying to them and, honestly, está de madre

Look: we have no goddamn clue what's going to happen.

Maybe the #PróceresBRR will get a no-hitter; maybe El Pichón will steal five bases for the #CaciquesORO; maybe it'll be a pitcher's duel; maybe it'll be a bloodbath.

Come watch.

If you've ever wanted to hear me get extremely annoyed by players who aren't performing up to their level, might I suggest you join today's @lnpgaceta baseballstravaganza?

First pitch is in fifteen minutes!

Kicking off the last week of #LNPRivalidades in fifteen minutes. Come join us for a three-game extravaganza!

You can celebrate dingers, laugh at errors, and yell at players, and the announcer won't be able to hear you—so it's exactly like a real game!

Fuck this modern empire that coopted the liberatory struggle of a colony to turn it into a coaling station populated by hundreds of thousands of people.

Fuck this country that leaves clowns and buffoons in formal charge of us while superseding them with unelected bureaucrats and then asks us to tie ourselves to the rotting husk of our owner.

Fuck this country that even now is doing its very best to keep Puerto Rico from having any control at all, on any level, over its future.

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For me, on top of everything else that's unforgivable about this country, it will always come down to this:

In 1898, Puerto Rico finally gained (some) autonomy from the Spanish Crown, with the possibility of greater independence in the near future.

Twenty-nine days later, the United States arrived and recolonized the place, and 122 years later, after wounding, killing, infecting, sterilizing, neglecting and otherwise abusing thousands of my people, we're still a colony.

Fuck the troops. 

Fuck the troops. Fuck justifying your school payments with being told to kill brown people overseas. getting off with ptsd is nothing compared to the lives lost on the other end of the barrel of an american weapon held by someone who fell for the propaganda.

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