The answer is it’s fucked and I can’t fix it, and the older computer I could’ve used is doing terribly as well, so I went from 1.5 working computers to zero in the space of a day.

I wish someone would just tell me whether I’m ever getting my computer back or not, and whether it’s fixable or not. I’ve been to this place more often than I’ve been to some of my favorite restaurants.





LOTR, death (mention) 

I’m perfectly willing to argue about the merits of various content creators, but no one who loves Jon Bois gets to talk shit about the length of anyone else’s videos.

My favorite thing about words is that they mean whatever I decide that they mean.

LOTR, death (mention) 

This is maines first officially recognized indigenous peoples day, for the past hour ive been reading comments made by old white boomners about KEEP IT COLUMBUS DAY! and laughing hysterically at their profile pics

@Louisa When he said “stercusstercusstercusmoriturussum,” I felt that

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petitioning the government to make Gamers a protected class

Isildur, High King of Arnor and Gondor, the Ultimate Failson

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