@Louisa The first time I ever heard that song was because the students decided to play it over the PA before morning announcements . . .

. . . on Cinco de Mayo.

@nsmckinnon argh fuck

It's shamefully naïve of me but I had a big "oh, nobody cares" moment when white Americans were gladly singing "this is how we do it down in Puerto Rico" when it's in a hit song, and then just months later saying oh yeah the hurricane, well the government certainly can't afford to help with that oh well

@Louisa we visited my parents like a month before and they were showing us legit articles from sound engineers talking about Why Despacito Is Such A Hit Song

listen it’s a hit song because Daddy Yankee has always had beats that slap and Luis Fonsi is a short king who sings well and because half of America wants to fuck Latinx people while also being terminally scared of them, this isn’t *that* difficult


It's the most popular video on YouTube by billions of views, also it fuckin slaps

@jeff @Louisa only one of these is evidence that it’s good though; I mean, Gangnam Style was also the most pop - wait, that also slaps, carry on


The only genre where popularity correctly predicts quality is summer jams


@jeff @Louisa look, Daddy Yankee is responsible for two of the greatest moments in PR-American relations:

1) “Despacito,” passim.
2) When John McCain didn’t understand that “gasolina,” in the song “Gasolina,” is a metaphor for cum, and told an audience in NYC, in front of an apparently-horrified Daddy Yankee, that “what this economy needs is more ‘gasolina!’”

@Louisa @jeff I know, I know, but it’s like my favorite John McCain moment of all time, other than when he died, I’m always trying to bring conversations around to it

@nsmckinnon @jeff "hey, you know the song Gasolina?" you say at a party, as everyone tries to kill you with psychokinesis

@Louisa @jeff why would I even go to a social event if not with the implicit goal of getting murdered

it’s like you don’t even know me

@nsmckinnon @jeff this murder mystery dress up chloroform party sounds better by the day

@Louisa @jeff can we do it without the mystery part—i.e., can I be the murdered one

@Louisa @jeff
🎵 🎶 everybody, everybody wants to die
everybody, everybody wants to be killed
oh, oh, oh
[further sounds muffled by chloroform] 🎶 🎵

@nsmckinnon @jeff I think I have about a 10% success rate on whatever the hell you're parodying at any given time

@nsmckinnon @jeff pretty sure I've never heard this song, Ingrid Michaelson is exactly the type of singer I avoid

@Louisa @jeff that song was inescapable a few years back, not sure if it was radio play or what, but the chorus is the only part that caught in my mind

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