The existence of fluffy, light, subtly-flavored angel’s food cake is of course typically contrasted with the dark, rich and extremely chocolatey devil’s food cake, which encompasses the theological spectrum of baking.

In another field, that of noodles, the existence of fine angel hair pasta, by analogy, suggests a hypothetical thicker noodle known as “devil hair pasta.” In this essay I will

@nsmckinnon boy I hate this

Also for devil hair pasta I nominate udon noodles, they're able to keep that neutral pasta flavor but make the texture and eating experience so unpleasant they give me chills

@Louisa hmmmm, good choice, especially if they’re made out of darker grains.

I once saw some glass noodles made from ube and they were a bright lilac color. I’ve always wanted to serve those in a dessert soup as a last course, without saying anything, so I can watch people get mad when they realize it’s a sweet dish.

@nsmckinnon I've always wanted to use ube just for the color, that sounds awesome

@nsmckinnon @Louisa the part that surprised me in that video was how, at least for baking purposes, the ube powder behaved more reasonably than grated ube. I would not have expected that at all!

Anyhow brb making ube macarons

@gnomon @Louisa I find most grated fruits and vegetables are major assholes unless you dry them really, really well to a point they might as well be powder, unless you take into account the moisture they’re going to add or blanch/cook them first. But I didn’t watch the video, so maybe he went through those steps and it was still impossible!

@nsmckinnon @gnomon I'll have to watch, I'm fascinated by this

And yes, the best fruit flavor you can put in frostings is always freeze dried powdered fruit, moisture really throws off dessert work

@nsmckinnon I don't know how anyone could dislike the texture of udon but to each their own!

@Felthry @nsmckinnon @Louisa

But wait, are we looking at noodles, or pasta? If the latter, may I nominate lasagna.

@nsmckinnon also, what are angelled eggs? Eggs where the yolk is replaced by something bland and healthful?

@mcmoots yeah, probably mixed with a little mayo, chives and parsley or some such, since “deviled” usually refers to adding spice

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