I have to record my podcast tonight and every week my only job is to think of something I did the past week to talk about and I'm CHOKING

@Louisa @nsmckinnon

I will never choke (unless it's a high pressure moment and I need to remember the name of ultra-famous football man Tom Brady.)

@Quixote171 @Louisa I had forgotten that that happened, so I'm very grateful that you reminded us!

@Louisa @Quixote171 to paraphrase Clint Eastwood, I couldn't believe what happened, even as it was happening

@nsmckinnon @Louisa

We've all been there, right?
Knowing you know it, but unable to dredge the name up from wherever it's been stored?
Why are our brains built this way?


@Louisa @Quixote171 I think I have achieved a level of Quizbowl Brain where this is no longer a problem for me, because I'm so used to having to be on my toes during class.

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