@nsmckinnon no it isn鈥檛

鈥攕igned, a texan raised in texas and now lives in canada

chili-cheese fries, on the other hand鈥

@nsmckinnon (this is 100% false outrage, I am deeply familiar with poutine but I don't even know what the heck a frito pie *is* and I am afeared to look it up)

@gnomon so basically, take a loaf pan, dump a bunch of Fritos in there

cover with chili, preferably beanless, maybe some chopped white onion and/or jalape帽o, maybe Rotel tomato/chili mix

cover with cheese

bake until cheese melts and chili sort of crisps around the edges


I make it maybe twice a year because it鈥檚 very good in the right situation but even I lose my appetite for it quickly

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