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Statement by the refugees from #Ellwangen, Germany on police-raidĀ

i need resources on memory management in microkernels, anyone have pointers

News reports; call for organization; BIG WARNING FOR LGBT, LEFTISTS, ETC. Show more

...the rest of the world is turning a blind eye to what's really happening.

video statement by a american #YPG figter:


since this toot gets attention from time to time, i will answer my own question: There are some essays by Abdullah Ɩcalan at which explain the basic theoretical concepts.
There also is a book called "Das Manifest der Jugend" (the youth manifesto, don't know if there is an englisch version). It gives a good overview on the kurdish struggle and its history, but i recommend to read it critically at some points (read it with comrades and discuss about it!)

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german gov plans to support turkey with weapons Show more

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So, jetzt aber, endlich endlich:

Das NichtbinƤr-Wiki ist Wikia entkommen und existiert nun so ganz fĆ¼r sich selbst auf

Streut den Link doch bitte in alle Richtungen, ja?

Nehmen wir uns alle eine Sekunde und verbreiten die LGBT-Helpline Show more

Ich schrub einen Text: "Mastodon: Hilfe ist unterwegs!" Kurze Einstiegshilfe. Gern teilen.