I really hate that empathy is so unfashionable now.

w/ every boost this toot gets, a terf gets punched

"there's no money for socialized welfare"
*Looks at military budget*
*Looks at millionaires*

The way our online spaces treat intra-community discourse is single handedly, one of the most harmful things i've seen.

It has eroded my ability to trust people even when we basicaly agree on everything.

This needs to change, otherwise we'll all be trapped in vicious cycles of mistrust and miscommunication.

"Decentralized social network" is actually the collective noun for nerds

trans characters in my stories are kind of deliberately written to avoid dysphoria/transphobia angst and you only know they're trans because she makes girldick jokes and has salt cravings

The sheer ammount of capital fascists accrue on the Internet is frightening and people need to take note of it. It is the new front of radicalisation of white people in the West, and we (leftists) are losing.

Our followings are barely over 100k, while Internet fascists rake in millions of impressionable people who are descending further and further into Nazism.

It will get people hurt. We're seeing them on the streets, in colleges and even disrupting refugee boats off the coast of Europe.

People are already being hurt. The already voulnerable are becoming MORE voulnerable, by young millennial types who are being convinced that black people arne't opressed, Muslims need to be exterminated and LGBTQ+ folks are special snowflakes who need to be bullied out of their safe spaces and into the 'real world'.

We're dying because if this and all potential avenues of protection and safety fail us, time and time again. We're left to our own little corners that aren't enough to protect us

People with followings the size of cities spew propaganda and i'm supposed to think this won't affect us in the real world?

Transmisogynists are out there on YouTube teaching people that trans people don't deserve protections, are arrogant, fake, snowflakes, need to be 'cured' and that apparently won't fuck us up in the meatspace?

The left can unite in wondering what the fuck ancaps are thinking

horseshoe theory 

you gotta toss it just right to catch it on the stake πŸ‘

Blaire White is legitimately one of the most evil figured of the Nazi movement on the Internet, simply because of how much validation she gives, as a trans woman, to other Nazis to abuse trans women because she tells them they're in the right to do it.

When White says it's our own fault for being murdered because we 'trick' cis men, she's giving transmisogynists carte blanche to murder us because she's validating them as not being in the wrong.


The fact that the knowledge that you can get away with using fish antibiotics if you can't get any human ones is useful is fucking ridiculous

That kind of knowledge should only be useful in the middle of the fucking apocalypse, not a top tip for surviving every day life

Everyone should be able to get access to proper medical care. The fact that they can't at the moment is fucking disgraceful

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