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It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.

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Here I made an anti-NFT! No blockchain is needed, because it belongs to everyone. Yes, even you, it's yours! Feel free to boost, screenshot, or right click & save! <3

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I've been working on this for a very long time, and I've constantly been adding new things I learn from time to time. I never really talked about it too much since I made it mostly for my own consumption but I think it might be useful for others as well.

It's a reference with tips and tricks on how I setup my #archlinux install as well as common problems one may encounter along the way. Feel free to let me know what you think, as well as contribute your own tips!

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Watching WCW (request) 

If you have access to any archives or WCW from the 90s, specifically Nitro from 97-99, any Thursday Thunder or WCW Saturday Night, please share them with me.

I'll also take any 80s wrestling videos you have at all, but especially NWA stuff with the four horsemen.

I have all of 95 and 96 for nitro, and part of 97, but pro wrestling torrents are hard to find.

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aaron swartz remembrance day today

death to intellectual property
the "justice system" protects only capital
and the justice system kills

fuck the corporatist institutions of america and the empire's hegemony

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Ok, that's pretty cool. Tut (fedi client) has a new website that looks exactly like the program's interface.

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Apple is going to install a scanning system on its phones that reduces user privacy and security. That’s not something we should stay quiet about.

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GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and GNU stands for GNU’s Not UNIX and UNIX stands for Uniplexed Information and Computing Service so the full proper name for GIMP is actually:

GNU’s Not Uniplexed Information and Computing Service Image Manipulation Program

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Finally some rain. Takes the edge of the heat.

I like mma but I cannot stand UFCs programming.

@pawal Aj fan. Hur gick det till? Sjukt läskigt med huggorm.

A few days off work always stresses me out. So much i need to get done but so little time.

My job takes me to the strangest places. And to the strangest peoples.

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Dropped this on LinkedIn .. another shameless plug for .. I hope that at least a few of my 800+ connections sees this and stop by at PI ...

Only working nights is really good for my mental health. Very little contact with people and bosses. And when work is slow i get to study.

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luke smith, I often see people linking luke smiths videos, I hope this will make people think again. for me, it was enough when I saw hes black sun wallpapers on github along with all the racist and stupid shit he says in hes videos


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