I want to say that my conversation with you was not meant to be combative in any way. I genuinely want to know what other people think and try to understand their perspective. Sadly it seems like we got invaded by trolls. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss your side on it and I hope you have found an escape from whatever frustrations you were having.

It seems the Linux Mint thing really did strike a nerve. There appear to be a lot of people that are very passionate about Mint.

The beauty and strength of the Linux and open source community means that they have the power. As long as something has the proper support it will continue. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

In general I think it is a good thing to see counter arguments in favor of Mint. I am surprised to see how angry some of them are, though.

Just watched your taking into Account Ep. 43. I recently stopped using Firefox and switched to Brave. I'm trying to find the best balance between open source and respecting rights and privacy. Mozilla's recent decision to block the Gab app Dissenter bothers me. I know Google did the same and Brave is based on the Blink engine. Trying to support freedom, open source, and freedom of speech is hard in relation to the internet these days...


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