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Overdue intro; selfie 

RT if you’ve gotten more radical as you’ve gotten older

trying to destroy a right wing talking point

I’m starting a fresh thread on the study I got my hands on tonight. I want to start by saying how I interpreted this study, roughly, and then get into details: it looks like spiro is counterproductive to HRT and is bad medicine. That’s absolutely the big takeaway.

Hey, everyone waiting on photos from me — Adobe is being *incredibly* clueless and I've been trying and failing to upgrade my account for *days* now. I'll get everything posted once I've resolved this... Whenever that is... 💚

Birb site xpost; Ron Liddle being awful 

Remember when Tinder introduced all those new gender options for publicity and then quietly removed them and went back to deleting trans people's accounts?

When you’re an adult and someone borrows your book, you bet your ass you’ll never get that book back ever again.

Twitter is a garbage fire.
Facebook is hell.
Mastodon is ✨ LOVELY. ✨

My rules, a thread by Miss Andi in 2018.

8. If you don't like cuddling — THERE'S THE FUCKING DOOR

7. Here's your weekly reminder that biological essentialism is an intellectually bankrupt protofascist ideology, and no you're not allowed to ask about our genitals.

6. Watch your pronouns, don't use words like "tranny," be respectful. Oh, most trans people you've met are "working girls"? Some of these ladies are my friends. Tread. Lightly. Bucko.

5. Don't waste my time by asking me to explain what a "powerbottom" is, when you can teach yourself, for free, in less time than it would take me to type a response, simply via ✨THE MAGIC OF GOOGLE ✨

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Photos from Alternative Miss London pageant 

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artists on here: haha im not very good at this *posts something i couldnt have drawn if i had 14 years to work on it*

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