Merry Christmas. is a video we made this year, a very low budget version of the movie Snowpiercer.

As of this week, I have the first complete, readable daft of the novel I've been working on--128,000 words that mostly hold together. There will be many revisions to come, but this year, it's nice to have that to be thankful for.

For too long, SF has exemplified the extreme inequality of America, where people sleep on the street in the shadow of the giant Twitter HQ.

Now housing prices going down because the office drones are leaving, working remotely. Maybe we can strive be the funky, quirky city the tourist brochures all say we are, but that can't happen without sustained support for those in our community who need it most.

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A gleam of light in a dark year: 2018's Prop C passed its final legal challenge. Almost half a billion dollars have been collected from San Francisco's richest companies and will now be available for homeless housing, addiction and mental health programs, with hundreds of millions per year going forward.

I've been tinkering with the ebook formatting on The Brain Ingredient. Apologies to anyone who downloaded the version without scene breaks. That was confusing.

The world might be overwhelming, but you can download my goofy, pulpy zombie apocalypse novella for free.

It seems like everything keeps changing, like everyone needs help all of a sudden. I'm out of work right now. I can't donate money anywhere, but I can donate my words.

I started writing this goofy, pulpy zombie story during the '08 financial crisis, partly as a way to process the losses beyond anyone's control. I thought the product of that might help others right now, so I'm making it free for a while.

I just uploaded a completely re-imagined website at, with a simpler and more unique design, including highlights of my writing and theater experience, as well as two simple javascript games: and with more to come.

My notary stamp expires today. It feels strange.

Filling out all that paperwork was never a place I expected life would take me, but I gotta work. That work worked fine, but it's kind of a relief to let this registration lapse.

Still, the 3 1/2 years where I was a small part of so many pivotal moments in people's lives gave me a good look at the mundane ways so much shit actually works. There's paperwork out there for everything.

I'm so relieved that San Francisco passed proposition C yesterday. It's going to make a big difference for the worst off in our community and bring us closer to becoming the city we aught to be, need to be more than ever right now, when the country as a whole is trying to reject and opress our most vulnerable.

Thinking locally helps me cope. Under new rules, prop C only needed 50% of the vote to pass. It got 60. I wish it had passed in a landslide, but the fact that it did at all gives me hope.

I bring that up because as I go through, switching to first person, and replace this POV's character name with "I" and "me," I notice how strongly the proportion of one or the other reflects how active the character is being in that scene. Pretty basic, but it's an opportunity to see something generally innate to the nature of the prose reduced to strictly numerical terms.

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After a bunch of feedback and some serious deliberation, I've decided to change my novel draft from third person/past tense to first person/present tense. I'm doing this for a bunch of reasons and despite some arguments against it. The biggest factor is, the story is "about" battling ignorance using incomplete or wrong information. That shows up as bureaucracy, hiding conspiracies and espionage underneath, but to lock every sentence into such a limited perspective makes that even more pervasive.

The "our city, our home" measure for the SF November ballot just got its official letter, "C." Yes on C this November! It's going to provide huge resources for housing the poor and homeless, for substance abuse and mental health treatment, all by taxing the largest businesses in town.

I've been keeping my eye on this campaign. It's a chance to make a huge difference in our community, and it only needs to get 50% of the vote. Yes on C.

Wish I could have read more in time for the Hugo Awards ballot closing. I have more time for reading these days, which I'm using to catch up on stuff from previous years. I voted on categories where I've read enough to have an opinion but haven't gotten around to reading any of this year's nominated novels.

Alright. It totally worked. I still don't have the impulse to post that often, but each time I do, it will include a reminder that we don't all have to stay penned in by the established social networks, in the form of a link to one alternative, which can connect to others...

I haven't been "tooting," though I like the idea of mastodon as an alternative to more commercial sites. I haven't really been posting at all for a while, until recently. I'm going to check what happens when I post now, because I think I cross-linked this to post on my twitter, and I'd like to see what that looks like, if it leads back here.

We already have all these networks, each with a different character. What's this one going to be?

I keep hoping something is going to come along which can pull all those eyeballs away from FB, and Twitter is increasingly problematic. Here's hoping this becomes a useful experience.


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