Why I disappeared from Twitter

Be mindful of the powers that platforms have over your ability to freely communicate!

@nusenu Interesting to have this published on Medium then. 😉


Yes, this is totally correct and I'm well aware of it everytime I struggle to log into the medium account (which is everytime I need to login)

I have some plans to move it to github pages, which is obviously not decentralized but makes it super easy to migrate the blog to other hosting platforms should they decide to block the account.

@nusenu @z428 What about decentralized blogging? #Plume is a great open source blogging software which supports ActivityPub,so blogs can be followed using #Mastodon .You can use it for free at or for example.

@nipos ... or even use something more "old-fashioned" such as wordpress with ActivityPub plugins if directly federating is a requirement or desirable... 😉


@nusenu sorry, I tried, but I dont continue to read your writings. Should have connected with either Facebook or Google - WOW. So, plz go on complaining about twitter...

@nusenu hey. Sorry to hear about your twitter account :( have followed you there for a long time and been enjoying your tweets. Not sure why I didn't follow you here until now...
Looking forward to reading your things here instead :)

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