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hey does anybody remember that time when I bought a signed print of the Garfield comic where Jon Arbuckle drinks dog cum and Jim Davis had to hire a PR firm and make a statement to Buzzfeed about how it wasn’t actually dog cum (it was)

okay I’ve gotten the three automated responses from twitter support that all day i have to use my phone number even though I’m telling them I don’t have a phone number. my account should eventually be unlocked in like three days

it just did this gross gesture on its own, I swear, all I did was tap on the picture from GIS results

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i couldn’t remember what Grimes looked like so I searched and then pulled up this picture. google brought a finger right over this girls genitals and circled it and then showed me the search results for just that highlighted area

i tripped twitters spambot detection again just waiting for them to unlock the account

back on twitter for one day and even shitty ass replies are putting up numbers like this

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when the album reminds you of the last one 

same impala

doing that thing where youre sitting on the shitter and just occasionally do a lil pee

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You can tell by the way I use my walk

I've got haemorrhoids, no time to talk

just saw “how stella got her groove back” and im not sure what i thot about it

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