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hey does anybody remember that time when I bought a signed print of the Garfield comic where Jon Arbuckle drinks dog cum and Jim Davis had to hire a PR firm and make a statement to Buzzfeed about how it wasn’t actually dog cum (it was)

i guess what i'm saying is that its been years, where the fuck is the easy-to-install community-built home server platform that gives me a wordpress and a nextcloud and mastodon instance and a kodi backend and everything else people will want in order to control their own data

people are still defending torvalds and friends for being shitty to women and undermining efforts to excise discrimination from their communities rather than minding their own business; 'learn to code' they say while contributing nothing

decade old computers can do literally everything new computers do, albeit a tad bit slower, but my 11-year-old brother-in-law tells me his two years old laptop is woefully obselete and even if i offer to guide him, isn't interested in doing anything with it until it is replaced 'because i'll just have to do it all over again on the new computer'

wander into any of these communities to ask a basic question and you'll be told to 'RTFM', the literal meaning of which is, 'I don't have time to even find the chapter in the documentation for you to read, so fuck off simpleton'

after years of gnashing of teeth at microsoft and apple, the linux community finally got their shit together and created what is arguably the most beautiful, simple, respectful desktop environment and now all the same people who were upset before now hate the new thing because it doesn't look enough like Windows XP

meanwhile everyone is infatuated with shitty javascript websites parading as 'apps'

the only way you can use free software is if you devote the entirety of your free time to learning all its dumb intricacies because no one is doing the glue work besides the corporations who are stealing all the core tech and then writing their own awful proprietary wrappers designed to lock you into their environment forever

"She's a shooty gal who likes to shoot the guns and doesn't afraid of anything." amazing

"the doom marine is trans now" - the zdoom forums

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if there’s one thing i miss the most from twitter its the account of the guy who tweeted every time he pissed and that one time he did a celebratory piss video for piss #420 of the year where he blasted slayer from his phone and then spun around in circles, pissing all over the bathroom

me: i hate star trek
sex borg: you will be asstimulated
me: alright

the coolest part of the nutsling is how it effortlessly slices your turds in two

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getting my boobies out for an empowering takedown of the patriarchy, its actually really important to the story that im fully nude and do an extended sex scene with a guy who holds guilty power over me

the first time I saw the handmaids titties i was like “damn, go girl, get you that good side dick from that cool nerd”

its actually cool that the handmaid gets to fuck so much

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