hey does anybody remember that time when I bought a signed print of the Garfield comic where Jon Arbuckle drinks dog cum and Jim Davis had to hire a PR firm and make a statement to Buzzfeed about how it wasn’t actually dog cum (it was)

@nutsling a fertility smoothie doesn't make you do that level of butthole mouth

@nutsling rub some cream into your dogs balls to increase sperm count

@nutsling I keep reading the comic thinking what else could it be lol it's obviously dog jizz???

@nutsling I regretted not saving these when I saw it on Twitter. NOT ANYMORE

@nutsling Thanks to you my search history now includes the phrase "jim davis dog cum buzzfeed"

@nutsling When the cops come I'm not even gonna try to explain myself, clearly I deserved this.

@nutsling That is definitely Odie’s cum.

I mean, what is the joke if it’s not Odie’s cum?

@nutsling this post didn't seem to stress enough how integral you were to Jim Davis having to make up the dog protein shake story

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