i couldn’t remember what Grimes looked like so I searched and then pulled up this picture. google brought a finger right over this girls genitals and circled it and then showed me the search results for just that highlighted area

back on twitter for one day and even shitty ass replies are putting up numbers like this

I’m mrihaul R Rh➿〰️luruy and I endorse this message.

I broke one of these a while ago and ordered a few replacement brackets while I was at it since they were super cheap, so I had a few on hand. Cleaned up the thermal paste and brushed all the dust away, replaced the bracket and reinstalled the original heatsink. Quick tests show we’re stable now.

Finished tearing down the system while I was running the tests so I grabbed the original power supply and GPU, threw them onto the bench for testing, too. Also stable!

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Troubleshooting a Pentium 4 system in a tacky green case that supposed to look like an alien head 👽 with matching fans and a cheesy power supply all from the same no-name manufacturer. Run MemTest+ and the system shuts down within a minute. Immediately blaming the power supply, so I put it on hold for a few months.

Got around to looking at it last night and find the socket retention clip has snapped off, meaning the CPU’s heat is not being transferred off onto the heatsink.

took first place on Crimsonland’s co-op survival leaderboard, we’ve been after this one for years

jesus christ i need to get back on twitter in the worst way

im out here nearly every day hard at work with these tools, its hard not to...develop emotions

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