even this worn old $3 LP from the 90s that’s visiting from England sounds fantastic

i upgraded the old Stanton STR-80 to a Rega P2 and went from the Kenwood thrift store specials to DCM TimeFrame 400s and the difference is just amazing

cleaning up and not seeing any major issues, maybe it’s just down to replacing the single cap??

oh no my electrolytes

not yet sure if the mosfet in the line of fire (literally 🔥) ate shit or is just awash in MagicJuice. also not sure if that’s corrosion or just burned fluid, but not looking good

hel’p my power connector shouldn’t have been on fire 🔥

im really not sure what to say about this, the content or the placement by news.app

success. I have put a server-class CPU into a shitty old all-in-one PC from Japan

i didn’t take any photos during the party because i didn’t want to appear to creep on the girls but here’s one from during the prep

the game resets into the fail state while powered on if I move the main PCB around so I think there’s a disconnect happening somewhere. I’m gonna clear the old and flow fresh solder on the connector pins which is where power delivery would happen. This huge crusty bodge wire is on the “A” header and sure looks suspect.

ripped all the boards out of this bastard yesterday, removed all the socketed chips, sprayed DeOxit in all the sockets and reseated all the connectors. left the spray to evaporate overnight and look who booted right up

(the lines mid-screen are the camera catching the CRT mid-refresh and the crossbars in the garage door overhead reflecting on the glass)

slowly turning from a mess into something recognizable

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