@kaikatsu he downloads all his anime so he doesn’t create physical product waste what an epic sir

@lennie the ephemeral third verse; you may hear it, you may have sung along to it, but you can never truly know it

i have two modes: fine and MUST POOP IMMEDIATELY 🚨

who are these people who can just poop on command

just straight up blocking anime do-ers on the fedi

@anna @esvrld i just did a fresh install with the absolute newest image an they’ve removed the option to create a local login during OOBE the absolute shitfuckers

“if you prefer a local account, proceed with an online account for now and you can switch to a local account after setup completes” nononoNONONOFUCK

uspol, whiteness is 

some dungus: living together is the only way to defeat capitalism

me: uhhh are you saying people who prefer to live alone are irrational or deliberately hurting the movement

dungus: i have implied no such thing at all

*dungus blocks me*

@kew i mean i did this because windows 9x was such shit and if you did any kind of exploratory work with lots of software then lots of random stuff would just start to fall over for no reason, usually something you depended on and it was just easier to blow the whole piece of shit away then try to figure out what very specific thing went wrong and solve that when you wouldn’t ever need to do that again anyway

@esvrld sometimes things are just funny and trying to dissect them to figure out what makes them work is the exact thing that destroys them

@BDA any ‘meh’ feelings you might have about it are lifted once you see hitlers face is beautifully perforated into cheese with a machine gun

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