@shriekingmarxist D: is basically the emoji for having bofa deez nuts on yo chin 🥜

a brief history of video games

1980s: 500 games about removing dots from a grid

1990s: an entire genre based on shooting men in in the face and a new type of Moore’s Law where the number of resulting bone fragments you can find on the ground roughly nearby doubles each year

2000s: after years of fumbled attempts and public ridicule, a third attempt to reboot a beloved franchise in 3D by finally learning what works well from others and not really doing anything new and everyone acts surprised

what if the singers from mastodon the band read your toots

rando girl w/ pink hair: “oh my god that outfit looks so good on you!”
my trans friend: “thank you!”
me: “okay so how often does that happen”
my trans friend: “constantly, and always from pink haired girls”
me: “you should ask them for their username on mastodon”

let me open this question up to a wider audience: nForce2, worth a shit or nah?

no one can explain exactly what it is about the combination of ingredients that alone or in other arrangements cause humans no harm but devastate even the most resilient of intestinal systems once assembled into the simple taco

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