@envgen so good when I pulled it out it was just the stem with the cotton left deep in my ear canal

@jimpjorps @cambrian_era @dankwraith the rich understand that subway’s corporate goal is to crush all the delis and they fully support it so they say this as if it were a given even if it sounds jarring everyone else. its like when you encounter a biden true believer in the wild and they just hold all these wild assumptions they read in an old opinion piece about the race that have been immediately dispelled and you’re taken aback by how wrong they sound

okay I’ve gotten the three automated responses from twitter support that all day i have to use my phone number even though I’m telling them I don’t have a phone number. my account should eventually be unlocked in like three days

it just did this gross gesture on its own, I swear, all I did was tap on the picture from GIS results

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i couldn’t remember what Grimes looked like so I searched and then pulled up this picture. google brought a finger right over this girls genitals and circled it and then showed me the search results for just that highlighted area

i tripped twitters spambot detection again just waiting for them to unlock the account

back on twitter for one day and even shitty ass replies are putting up numbers like this

@dankwraith we built that into the system, it’s called inheritance

Richard Dawkins 

@IMakeCookiesNow i know people irl who are upset about clock boy and i just treat them the way they’re asking to be treated; with a look of distaste and then completely ignored

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@LuigiEsq when i was first becoming a music fan i kept led zeppelin and black sabbath albums in my 5-disc changer so they’d often play back to back and for a long time i would confuse melodies between the two bands. no one can seem to relate to this

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when the album reminds you of the last one 

same impala

doing that thing where youre sitting on the shitter and just occasionally do a lil pee

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