We (Sequoia, are looking to hire a devop engineer to maintain and expand our CI, setup some benchmarking infrastructure, keep our web services running like, etc. You should care about privacy and free software. We'd prefer someone living in or near a European timezone. Salary is 43 kEuros/year for 20 hours/week. Salary is not negotiable. Hours are (salary scales linearly). If you are interested, mail me: 8F17777118A33DDA9BA48E62AACB3243630052D9 .

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@nwalfield Neat, gonna hit you up about that.

I assume you *don't* need the printer-friendly version of my CV? :P

@nwalfield Looks cool! What country are you based in? Do you offer a permanent contract or are you looking for a freelancer?

@Crocmagnon We're in .de, .ch, and .pl (the foundation is in .ch). This is for a permanent position, but freelancing would also work.

@nwalfield thanks for your answer 😊

I’m not yet interested in changing jobs but I would definitely have contacted you otherwise 👌🏻

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